Women Cell

The college has introduced a “women’s cell”. The cell endeavors to alleviated the negative forces that confront women, both on the campus and in the city. The women’s cell handles issues related to women’s welfare. It seeks to empower the students and educate them on gender related issues.

The competitions conducted by the cell are designed to showcase students’ talents, boost their confidence and identify their strength areas. Collage, poster making, quiz, singing,rally, mehndi design and some such contest. Seminars are also organized by cell. Every year International Women’s Day is celebrated with an important issues or theme in mind, to be highlighted during the programmes.

Composition of Women Cell
1)    Coordinator : Mrs. Annu Yadav
2)    Members :  Mrs. Inna Sharma,Mrs Bindu Satija,Ms. Purva, Mrs. Sunita Koshliya